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Engine v2.0
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Licensing v2.0
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Thea for Cinema 4D v1.5
Thea for Cinema 4D v2.0
Thea for Rhino v1.5
Thea for Rhino v2.0
Thea for SketchUp v1.5
Thea Node v2.0
Thea Studio v1.5
Tutorials v1.5

Version 2.0

Latest articles

Installing Thea Libraries in Thea for Rhino

Introduction Thea Libraries come in .lib.thea format and contain materials, models and skies. You can download them from the following link: Go through the following steps to install them with Thea for Rhino. Installing Libraries...

Denoising in Rhino

  Thea for Rhino comes with two different denoising methods. NVIDIA® OptiX™ and the Built-in implementation (Non-Local Means or NLM). The first step before enabling a denoiser is to select the denoising method from the Thea Render Settings. Go to the Thea...