License Server on Windows

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Setting up the Altair License Server

The Altair License Management System software will be available for download as a direct link in an email that you’ll receive after placing the order.

Download and run the Windows installer.
altair_licensing_14.0.2.win64_x64.exe – 64bit versions as listed in the 14.0 Release notes on x86_64 processors (64bit)

Installing Altair License Server

  1. Open the installer.
  2. The Altair Licensing Installation window appears. Proceed through the next few dialogs, entering information for the installation path.
  3. Click Next.
  4. If you have an existing server license file, choose Yes and enter the location of the license file (after finishing the installation, the license server will automatically start).
    If you do not have a license file, choose No, then click Next. We will proceed without a license file and add it later to the appropriate location.
  5. Review the installation directory and disk space information, then click Install.
  6. Click OK when the Information for obtaining a license file dialog appears.
  7. Click Done to close the license server installation.