Activate the License Server

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Activating the License Server

  1. Rename the license file sent to you by solidThinking to .dat.
    Make sure you are showing extensions for known file types.
  2. Drag and drop the license file into the server installation’s root directory using Windows Explorer.
    The default location is C:\Program Files\Altair\licensing14.0). This will overwrite the empty .dat file already found in that directory.
  3. From the same directory, open altair-serv.cfg in a text editor.
    Find the line that reads: LICENSE_FILE = C:\Program Files\Altair\licensing14.0\altair_lic.dat.
    Important: Remove the hashtag (#) in front of the line, if there is one.
  4. Open ALMUtil tool.
    Windows Start Menu > Altair License Server 14.0 > ALMUtil.
  5. Click on the License Usage tab.
    You should see there are no licenses served by the license server.
  6. Click on the Windows Start Menu and type “services” into the program’s search bar, and click Enter.
    The Component Services dialog will appear.
  7. Click Services (Local) located at the bottom of the Console Root.
  8. Select the Altair License Server in the list of services and click Restart the service found to the left of the services list.
  9. Click on the License Usage tab and then click Refresh.

The server is now up and running. Users can now connect to the server by typing: 6200@(your hostname or IP address) into their license wizard and selecting Connect to Server.

If the License Server’s IP address and hostname is “” and “licserver” accordingly then enter:

6200@ or


License Transfer should only be used in extreme cases of hardware failure. This is not an automated process and can take days to complete.
We suggest upgrading to a web-hosted license which allows you to switch between workstations by using your account’s credentials.

ALMUtil: License Usage tab

Launching Services

Refreshing the License Usage tab