The default installation folder set by the Thea Render Studio installer is inside the user profile of the account that is currently logged in. If your computer resides on a corporate network and your system administrator performs the installation of our software, it is necessary that your administrator is notified that he needs to set the location of Thea Data and Thea Temp Session folder to a commonly accessible folder. Please note that the administrator will need to provide you and other potential Thea Render users, Read/Write permission to the Thea Data and Temp Session folders.

If the administrator does not set the location to a commonly accessible folder, you will receive assertion error during initialization and furthermore you will have issues with activation of your Thea Render license as our licensing system will try to search for the license file in the administrator profile and as you will be logged in with your normal account and not the administrator account (Thea Data and Thea Temp Session folders will not be visible).

Thea Data and Thea Temp Session folders are crucial for the nominal operation of Thea Render Studio (as well as plugins!) and therefore it is imperative that for corporate desktop/notebook/server systems that the folder is set correctly. Suggested folder for Thea Data in such cases is C:\TheaData and for the Thea Temp Session C:\TheaData\Temp Session.

In case you have already made the installation with incorrect locations for Thea Data and Thea Temp Session, you can still make the necessary changes using Thea Studio Safe Mode option and correct these errors. However please note that since you may have already installed all Thea Render data resources you will need to open Windows Explorer and move the Thea Data folder to a new location e.g. C:\TheaData.

To start Thea Studio in Safe Mode under Windows 7 this mode is available in the Quick Mode program folder (Start > Programs > Thea Render > Quick Mode) and then select Thea Studio Safe Mode. The next panel you will ask for you to reset the location of the Thea Data folder. You will need to click Browse and navigate to C:\TheaData and select the folder. Click OK and in the next panel which asks to select the location of Thea Temp Session folder, click browse and navigate to C:\TheaData and create and a new folder C:\TheaData\TempSession. Upon confirmation, Thea Studio will now start without any assertion errors, all material libraries and resources will be correctly made available.

Last but not least, with the correct structure for Thea Data and Temp Session in place you will have the correct environment for nominal activation of your Thea Render license. If the license file is already available in the Thea Data folder, your Thea Studio and corresponding plugins should work now without any issues.