As many systems over time experience failure in their storage systems, one of the more frequent requests received is: How do I re-activate my Thea Render license as my system was formatted and I need to re-install my software?

During first time activation of your Thea Render Studio license, the information that you or your administrator has inserted into the Full Name and Email information boxes in License Form – Main is linked to your license.

This information is necessary for future re-activation of your Thea Render license, however it is critical that you insert the information exactly as it was inserted during first time activation.

Uppercase and lowercase as well as any spaces you may have inserted must be set in an exact manner.

If you have inserted your license key and are receiving an error from the activation server stating that information is incorrect and you are uncertain about the details that you have used during first time activation, please make sure to contact our licensing team at along with your order details and license information so that we can assist you directly.