Thea Render floating licensing system is comprised of two main elements, the License Server Tool and the License Proxy Tool. The Server and Proxy tools are provided as optional components during the installation of Thea Render Studio. It is advised that the license server should not be installed on an end user workstations (i.e. your modelling systems). End users only need to install the Proxy Tool as their system will be brokering requests to the license server. The license server should be running permanently on a system that is always available on the local network.

Unlike Thea Render Studio standalone licenses which are activated only within the Thea Render Studio (or within the license forms within plugins), floating licenses are activated only within the license Server Tool. If you have purchased a standalone license and you are trying to activate within the Server tool, you will receive an activation error. Vice versa if you have a floating license and you attempt to activate that license inside Thea Render Studio license form, the request will be rejected with an error.

Please note that you can install and configure the server tool on any type of operating system, therefore if you have Windows workstations you do not per say need a Windows server specifically for the license server. Thea Render floating license system is operating system agnostic and therefore you can have for example a Windows system running the server tool and all other systems on the network running OSX or Linux. The same is true if the server tool is running on a Linux system and end users example have Windows and Mac systems. It is though important that in order for licenses to be distributed to users over the network, the Server tool must be in running state and that the firewall has been configured to provide Inbound/Outbound traffic to the port that has been set (default is 6310).

Floating licenses are provided from the Server to Proxy over the network using socket communication. Therefore your firewalls on both the Server and workstation running the Proxy tool must have unhindered communication. If for any reason there are no rules set on the firewall Inbound/Outbound table that will allow communication for the server and proxy tool, Server and Proxy will not be able to communicate with each other and no licenses will be distributed.

For end users who perform installation of the Proxy Tool, upon completion of the installation of Thea Studio you will be able to right click on the Thea Proxy Tool icon in the taskbar and select Show Manager.

You will need to open the Preferences panel and then tick on the appropriate boxes for Thea Studio and corresponding plugins that you may have purchased. The default allocation for server IP address is which corresponds to localhost (i.e. your own local system) and this address needs to be modified if you have installed the Server Tool on a different host. If you have installed Thea Server Tool on the same system as Thea Proxy Tool, you can leave as the default address as this means both applications are running on the same system.