Q: I have a standalone license and would like to convert to floating license, is this possible?
A: Yes, you will need to purchase a cross grade product which will enable your license to switching from standalone to floating. You will need to clear your existing license from your system and configure the necessary Server/Proxy.

Q: I have an academic license and I just finished my studies. Is my license still valid or would I need to buy a new license?
A: Conditions of your EULA state that upon completion of your academic studies, if you still wish to use Thea Render products you will need to switch to a commercial license. We currently offer an upgrade product which will allow you to convert your academic license to a commercial license.

Q: How many computers can I install my standalone license on?
A: Your EULA states that you can install a single standalone license on up to three computers. Only one system must by active at any point with that single standalone license at a time.

Q: I have purchased Thea for SketchUp and would like to buy another plugin for my license. Is this possible?
A: Thea Render licenses were designed with flexibility in mind. You can add as many plugins available from Thea Render product range to your existing Thea Render license. You only need to purchase a plugin upgrade license for the platform you desire.

Q: I have currently two nodes provided with my standalone/floating license. Can I add more nodes as I have more computers available on my network?
A: You can purchase as many node license as you like. You can either purchase individual node licenses or a volume pack depending on your needs.

Q: I have just signed up for the Thea Render forum but my licensed user rights have not been enabled. What do I need to do?
A: Please contact our support team at license@thereander.com and we will enable your user rights. If you have purchased a license from a distributor or reseller, please provide our support team all the information required to confirm your purchase.

Q: Can I generate commercial content that I can sell using my academic license?
A: Unfortunately that would be a breach of EULA. Academic licenses are meant for learning purposes only, therefore if you wish to generate content for commercial purpose you will need convert your academic to a standalone license. However you are free to promote your work and in fact it is encouraged to so using your academic license.

Q: I have purchased the wrong product and would like to change to a different product. Is this possible?
A: Please contact our licensing team at license@thearender.com for further assistance.

Q: I have purchased a Thea Render license many years ago but I have not performed an update. Do I get charged for an update to the latest release?
A: All Thea Render updates within v1.X release cycle are free updates. There is no update cost, however please note that further to change in licensing system from v1.4 onwards you may need to re-activate your license after the update to Thea Render Studio.