Standard / Academic Licensing

Academic Licenses are per-user, allow single installation and may be used only for educational purposes, by students and teachers. Standard Licenses are per-user, allow up to 3 installations and can be used for commercial purposes.

When you purchase a Thea Render license, you will receive a serial number that corresponds to your license. The serial number needs to be entered at the License Form window along with some basic information to activate your license.

1. Activating the License

  • Open Thea Studio.
  • From the top menu select Help > License Form…
  • Enter Full name, Email Address and Serial Number. (copy and paste the Serial Number from the PDF)
  • Press the Activate License button and confirm your email address in the popup window.
  • Switch to the Plugins tab (in case you have purchased a plugin license too)
  • Enter the plugin Serial Numbers.
  • Press the Activate Plugin Licenses.

On the bottom left corner there is a drop-down menu with the Application and Node options. Switch to the Node option, in case you need to activate a Node License and run Thea in Client Mode for Network Rendering purposes.

2. Misc Tab

More actions can be found in the Misc Tab of the License Form.

Import License: Used for importing a license that was sent to you during registration or has been created using the Export License option.

Export License: Export License for archiving purposes or re-installation of the application. Also used for manual request of activation code, sending it to

Clear License: Removes current license information so that activation can start from scratch. You should only use this, if you need to change serial number of the application or upgrade a node to studio license.

Re-activation may be needed after importing a license, in case you are installing on a different or upgraded system.