Creating a Pearl Material


To create a Pearl material we will need two layers. A Basic and a Coating Layer. The logic behind this setup is that the Fresnel Ramp will always give you the Iridescent look while the color of the pearl can be selected from the Diffuse Channel of the Basic Layer.

Basic Layer

  • Create a Basic Layer.
  • Select the color of the pearl in the Diffuse Channel.
  • Add a Fresnel Ramp in the Reflectance Channel.
  • Switch the Ramp Type to RGB Curves.
  • Adjust the RGB Curves to get the Iridescent effect.
  • Increase Roughness to 20%.

Coating Layer

  • Create a Coating Layer.
  • Change the Reflectance Color to white.
  • Change the Extinction Coefficient (k) value from 0 to 1 to increase the amount of reflectance.
  • Increase Roughness to 10%.


To install the material, unzip the file and double click on the .mat.pack file. By default, it will install the material in your Thea Data/Materials/Pearl folder but you can define your own path too.