Creating a Scratched / Smudged Metal material


To add imperfections to a material like scratches and smudges we need to create two layers in stacked mode. Let’s create a scratched/smudged gold material:

Bottom Layer:

  • Start with a Glossy Layer.
  • Set the Reflection Color to R249 G211 B137.
  • Change the Index of Refraction (n) value to 0.27035 and Extinction Coefficient (k) to 2.7790.
  • Set Roughness to a low value of 4%.

Layer on Top:

  • Duplicate the existing layer.
  • Use a grayscale image of dirt (smudges, scratches, dirt) in the Bump Channel.
  • Set Bump at 5%.
  • Set Layer Weight to a starting value of 10%.