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Getting Translucent Materials with Presto AO

Presto AO by default uses Ambient Occlusion to illuminate the scene and the Diffuse Depth is set to zero (0), in order to have fast feedback. However, translucent materials need to have a Diffuse Depth value greater than zero for the translucency to take effect. In the following images you can see, the influence of the Diffuse Depth parameter on the model.

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Tracing/Diffuse Depth and Extended Tracing in Presto AO/MC

Tracing Depth is the most important parameter for Presto Engine, due to the fact that it plays a significant role in the overall look of the scene and of course, render times. The default value (5) is perfect for scenes with low complexity. Diffuse Depth is available only for Presto AO and controls the amount of GI Bounces inside a scene.

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