Thea Render requires both CPU and GPU hardware to operate at their highest potential. It may be a simple statement, however the implications of that statement has a resounding effect on your computing system. Thus certain considerations need to be taken into account for the efficient and unhindered operation of your hardware.

The first major focal point that needs to be kept in mind, is that unleashing both CPU and GPU to their maximum operating capacity over extended periods of time requires efficient thermal dissipation from internal cooling systems. Therefore while for single CPU + GPU, your system may have enough air circulation for both devices to run at 100%, adding multiple GPU adapters together in a system that has insufficient air circulation will cause the GPUs to run at high temperatures. This will then lead to each GPU core/mem clocks to ramp down due to thermals meaning less performance for Thea Presto as well as substantial noise from your cooling fans. Therefore always keep in mind of internal case airflow either by adding higher RPM fans that draw more hot air from inside the case and high static pressure fans for the intake of your case to insert cool air into your system as quickly as possible. We also recommend if you have the option for liquid cooling your CPU and GPU, to select such option as these are designed for higher heat extraction rates. We recommend also using temperature monitoring software to determine if your system maintains nominal thermal characteristics.

Another major focal point for maintaining nominal operation of your rendering system, is efficiency of the power fed into your system by its power supply. Further to many support cases that we have resolved over the years, a common factor that has been made apparent in several cases was the inefficiency of the power fed into the system. Our general recommendation is a power supply for a single card of at least 650W+, 800W+ for dual GPUs, 1000W+ for triple GPU and 1300+ for quad GPU. These PSU power characteristics provide stable power to the motherboard, CPU, internal components as well as enough power for GPU(s) to be able to withstand constant operation for prolonged time periods.