If you are experiencing frequent crashes in Thea Presto during rendering along with an error message from Windows starting a kernel watchdog error then you have set Device Priority for your GPUs too high (i.e Above Normal).

When you are rendering with your GPU, device utilisation reaches above 98% minima and therefore if GPU device priority is set to Normal and above, the operating system may not be able to receive a response from your GPU device in time causing a kernel watchdog error. This watchdog error is a safety cut-off mechanism from the driver that determines if the GPU device is in a hanged state and attempts to restart the driver in order for the operating system to recover your display.

However this is not the case as simply we are utilizing the device to its highest potential and simply the timer event is reached causing the driver to perform cut-off and restart sequence. To avoid any future issue with device priority you can either decrease the device priority to a lower priority.

For advanced users who wish to disable the watchdog you can modify the registry setting according to the Microsoft knowledge base article (set TDR Level = 0)