Network Rendering requires Thea Studio to be installed and activated on all the computers in your network.
Now with Thea activated, there two ways to use Network Rendering from inside Cinema 4D.


Start network rendering by going through the following steps:
Step 1: Open Render Settings > Thea Render > General Tab and change to Production Mode.
Step 2: Go to Distribution and change Network from None to Server or Pure Server.
Step 3: Start Thea Client to the rest of the computers in the network.
Step 4: Start Render and the nodes will be added on the fly.

Server: Thea Server system as well as network nodes contribute their compute resources to your network rendering tasks.
Pure Server: Your Thea Server system is excluded from network render tasks. Only network nodes are used for rendering and results are collected back on your server. Allows your system resources to remain available for other tasks.


Network Rendering is also possible with Team Render. To start network rendering make sure that:

  1. Team Render is enabled. (Preferences > Renderer > Team Render > Check ‘Enable Team Render’)
  2. Start ‘Team Render Client’ on all the computers in the network.
  3. Select Render > Team Render to Picture Viewer from the menu.

Thea for Cinema 4D must be installed and activated on all machines.
Rendering a single frame using Team Render will result in an ‘out of memory’ message. Please make sure that you have more than one frame to render.