Image 2: Color Shader in action

The Retransferred Material option has been created to support the Color Shader when it is being used with a Cloner Object. As you can see in Image 1, we have a basic scene with a Cloner and a Thea Material assigned to the Child Object (Cube).

Image 1: Scene Hierarchy

What is Retransferred Materials?

Every Thea Material is transferred in the Thea Render Engine once. When a material is in the Retransferred list, it will force the engine to create a new material for every object that it has been assigned to.

To make the Color Shader work with Thea, you should go through the following steps:

  • Apply the Thea Material with the Color Shader to the Child Object of the Cloner and not to the Cloner Object itself.
  • Add “Retransferred Materials…” object in the scene by going to: Materials Tab > Thea > Retransferred Materials…
  • Drag & Drop the Thea Material in the Retransferred Materials list.