Using the Resources Manager option in Rhino

Thea for Rhino v1.5

The Resources Management system displays the resources utilized by Thea Render at any moment. These resources include the Thea Models that have been imported in the scene as well as the Bitmaps used (including Environment and Material bitmaps).

If a resource is missing, the filename will be shown as red in the list.

On the left side of the window there are two icons.

  • The first one (Add all the resources files to a zip file) will create a zip file containing the resources (Bitmaps and Thea Models)
  • The second one (Replace the resources files with the ones in the folder) allows you to specify a folder that Thea will look for missing textures and relink them to the materials.

By right-clicking on an entry in the Resources Manager window you can have several functions. These functions are slightly different between the Thea Models and Bitmaps tabs.

You can access Thea Resources Manager from the top drop-down menu.
Thea Render > Resources Manager

Thea Models Tab

  • Open (Opens the selected Thea Model in Thea Studio for further editing)
  • Show in Explorer (Opens Windows Explorer to the path where the Thea Model is)
  • Replace from File Browser (Allow you to browse and select a different .mod.thea file that will replace the existing one)
  • Replace from content browser (Same as above but opens Thea Content Browser instead)

Bitmaps Tab

  • Open (Opens image in the associated windows Image Browser/Editor)
  • Show in Explorer (Opens Windows Explorer to the location where the bitmap is)
  • Replace from file browser (Allows you to browse for a bitmap that will replace the existing one)

The Resources Manager does not include the current scene in the zip file so make sure to also attach the Rhino scene along with the zip file in case you would like to share it with anyone.