Controlling Depth of Field in Thea for SketchUp

Thea for SketchUp v2.x

Thea for SketchUp provides you with two different ways of controlling Depth of Field. Sharpness and f-number. In this article we will be looking at both options and also mention the rest of the parameters.


This value controls how sharp the final image will be. Higher numbers will create images with a larger depth of field (the whole image will be in focus) while lower numbers create a narrower effect.

In the following example we used different sharpness values (2, 6, 12, 24%) to show the difference in the final rendering. Click on the arrows to navigate.


The f-number can also be used to control Depth of Field. Lower numbers will create a narrow Depth of Field. The Pinhole value will make Depth of Field infinitely large, disabling in this way the effect.

Note: The f-number in the Camera Settings tab controls Depth of Field while f-number in Display Settings affects the exposure of the final image.

Defining the Focal Point

The focal point can be defined by either letting Thea to automatically set the focus distance (Auto Focus on) or manually by clicking on the Set button and then on any object in the SketchUp viewport.

Note: When Auto Focus is on, the user-defined Focus Distance will be ignored.