Presto Engine does not support Thin Film Layer when used as a Coating Layer

How to turn Thin Film into a Coating Layer

  1. Create a Layer (Basic, Glossy or SSS).
  2. Add a Thin Film layer.
  3. With the Thin Film selected click twice on the ‘Move current layer up’ icon.

Seems like Interference is not working!

If we click on the checkbox of the Interference parameter we will notice that there is no difference in the material. This has to do with the fact that the Thin Film layer and the one beneath it both have the same Index of Refraction (n) value (1.52 by default). To make Interference work, we need to change the n value to either one of the materials.

Creating a Leather Material


Image 1: We created a Basic Layer with the following settings.

Image 2: Added Thin Film layer and clicked twice on the Move current layer up icon

Image 3: Turned on Interference on the Thin Film Layer and changed the Index of Refraction (n) value of the Basic layer to 1.4.

Image 4: Used the same bump texture on the Bump channel of the Thin Film Layer with a value of 10%.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Creating a Metal…


  • Create a Glossy Layer.
  • Use a white color for Reflectance.
  • Change the n and k values to 1,020 and 6.85 respectively.
  • Add Thin Film and press the ‘Move current layer up’ twice.
  • Enable Interference.