Getting Started with Thea for SketchUp – Part 2


In this video, you will find the available ways to create Thea Proxies from high-poly components. This allows you to display simplified versions inside the SketchUp Viewport while using the original files when rendering.

Creating Proxy from a High-Poly Component

Right click on the component you would like to convert to Thea Proxy and from the Thea Render menu select Create External Model/Proxy.

Thea Proxy Dialog

This dialog allows you to modify the way a Thea Proxy looks before saving it as an external file. By using the first two buttons (From SketchUp and Render) we can create a thumbnail for our Proxy Component. This is basically the image that will be shown in the Thea Content Browser.

From SketchUp: Clicking this button while having the component centered in the Viewport will take a screengrab of the viewport.

Render: To use a rendered image instead, open Thea Darkroom and start rendering in Interactive Mode. At any point click on the Render button to grab a screenshot of the rendered image.

Detailed Proxy: Reduces the original’s component faces using the number defined in here and displays them as triangles or points.

Add bounding box: Creates a bounding box around the component.

Replacement Options: It is possible to either replace the selected or all of the components in the scene.

Thea Proxy Dialog

Proxy displayed as Triangles and Points